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The bulk loading machine has realized the leap from traditional manually to high-speed mechanized. It is a set of applicable, advanced, and energy-saving bulk loading equipment.

And it is normally composed of an electric control box, motor, reducer, telescopic pipe, section pipe, wire rope, etc.


Automatic control of loading process, strong process adaptability, no dust emission, reliable full indication, simple structure, low cost, etc.

Cement bulk machine

Cement bulk loading machine is the special equipment for bulk cement. It connects cement silo with cement bulk carrier and realizes automatic or semi-automatic delivery of bulk cement through interlocking action of a series of control devices.

The mobile cement bulk machine is composed of a sliding plate, ash hopper, mobile trolley, feeding joint, telescopic sleeve, discharge cone, automatic positioning device of slack rope switch, upper limit screw limiting device, electric lifting device, filling controller and special electric control cabinet which can adapt to various process layout forms. It adopts a split structure, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance, and flexible for process layout.

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