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The train bulk loader is used to automatically transport cement to the cement bulk train on the side of the cement silo. It is mainly composed of the silo side unloading system, air conveying chute, moving positioning mechanism, telescopic unloading device, material level controller, dust collecting system and electric control cabinet and other parts.


train bulk loader is featured with accurate moving positioning, acute material level control, smooth discharging with small resistance and reliable dust collecting system.

technical parameters of train bulk loader

  1. loading and unloading capacity 300t/h
  2. Upper limit of bulk head descending stroke 2500, upper limit of moving distance 6000
  3. Hoisting motor power 2.2kw, voltage 380v
  4. Walking motor power 1.5kw, voltage 380v
  5. Bulk head vibration electrical power 0.06kw,220v
  6. Ventilator power 2.2kw, voltage 380v
  7. Dust collection equipment is provided by the user, and the dust collecting air volume is about 4200m3/h
  8. The order of the electric control box is discussed separately, and it can be designed according to control requirements for system condition.

Range of application

it is widely used for loading powdery materials in building materials system and metallurgy, coal and chemical sectors.