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The mixing system is a high-efficiency continuous material mixing system, which forces the movement speed and direction of materials to change, and ensures the uniform distribution of each component particle. The system consists of a raw material hopper, quantitative feeding scale, mixer, and other core units, as well as a high-efficiency dust filter, air chute, and other auxiliary components.

In order to meet the needs of the production enterprises. The mixing system has improved the performance and solves the disadvantages of the old mixing system, improved the mixing quality, minimum the mixing difference. Thus the unit capacity is improved and the mixing cost is reduced.


High efficiency, low noise, good homogenization effect, stable operation, and high reliability.

Technological process

The materials of different raw material silos go through the quantitative feeding scale by different proportions and are continuously discharged into the air chute, and then conveyed to the mixer. At the same time, it is supported by an efficient dust removal and air balance system to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system.


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