Steel Structure

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Steel supporting tower belongs to high-rise steel structure, which is an customizable product. Tower structure can be designed according to different conditions of silo project.

The trestle is located at the top of the silo, which is used to fix the chute, belt conveyor, chain conveyor and other silo auxiliary equipment. Truss structure is widely used in the structural support of tower and trestle.

Truss structure is a kind of plane structure, which needs the support of base and other external forces to form a stable structure. It is a one-way stress system and a lattice beam structure.


  1. Light self-weight, small steel consumption, and the steel consumption is saved;
  2. Large span and strong anti-bending capacity;
  3. The stress system is simple, easy for construction;
  4. It can be prefabricated in factory and assembled on site;
  5. Save the site construction time.

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