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Handing of fly ash in power station is a very important work, not just save space for fly ash storage, also creates profit and recycling of fly ash. By grading to different fineness, the fly ash can be targeted for usage in different industries.

Fly ash grading system is a closed-circuit circulation system. Crude fly ash in crude silo evenly go into the negative pressure conveying pipe through electric lock device (VVVF) , and the fly ash and air flow is evenly mixed in the piping forming gas-solid two phase flow, then being sucked into grading system by high pressure sucking centrifugal blower for grading and separation. The bigger sized fly ash enters crude ash storage silo through the tongue plate lock degasser. The comparatively fine ash enters the two stage cyclone separator along with air flow for further high efficient separation. The separated fine ash enters fine ash storage silo through the tongue plate lock degasser. Part of the air flow with minimum ash powder return to crude fly ash piping for separation again and part of the air flow enters crude fly ash silo and purified by silo dust collector.