Hydrated lime density is 700kg/m3 with comparatively strong moisture absorption.

The silo top feeding angle and unloading angle is also special, and must with scientific arrangement of aeration system ensuring smooth and high rate unloading.

Silo must with strict treatment for moisture proofing at construction and before application.

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Silo System

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Hydrated Lime Silo Introduction:

Hydrated Lime Silo Systems provide a more cost-effective solution as the equipment is simpler and does not need to be designed to contain the exothermic reaction that takes place when slaking pebble lime. Another benefit of a hydrated lime system not creating an exothermic reaction is that it is able to create a higher concentration slurry, which helps to reduce operational costs.

Hydrated lime silo system is used in various industries, our expert experienced team will furnish you with professional practical solutions while considering your special requirement of investment, available land, local geographic and climate situations.

Hydrated Lime Silo System component:

And Hydrated Lime Silo System generally includes a pneumatic lime feeding system, silo aeration system, lime discharging system, bulk truck loader system, bag packing system, packed bag palletizer or truck loading system, dust collector system, PLC control system, and related steel structures and platforms with details as following shown.

Secured discharging of lime:

Lime materials are with some sticky features. The discharging cone angle is normally at least 65 degrees and to avoid blockage or non-smooth discharging. An air cannon is required to facilitate discharge.

Hydrated Lime Silo System Details

Silo Feeding System

Pneumatic Feeding

Silo Aeration System

Silo Discharging System

Bulk Truck Loading System

Dust Collector System

Bag Packing System



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