Large welded steel silo, which is mainly made of welded steel plate, is a self-developed independent silo type in the continuous development of China's steel silo industry. The effective diameter of the welding steel silo can reach tens of meters, the silo body is cylindrical, the top of the silo is spherical, and the wall of the silo is in the form of the steel frame.

Our company has obtained more than 20 patents in silo shape and internal structure and has scientific and advanced silo design concept

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Welded silo is fully welded at the site by licensed expertise welders and by a strict project site management system.

  • Large storage capacity: the diameter of the silo is 80m, and the capacity of a single silo is 5,000-120,000 tons, which can be increased if there are special needs;
  • Low initial investment: due to the adoption of a number of patented technologies, it can save about 50% of building materials and more than 60% of land to be acquired;
  • It has good air tightness and adopts the patent technology of vacuum sealing. The physical indexes of cement quality are basically unchanged within 9 months of storage inside the silo;
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection: patented dust removal technology is used in the process of warehousing and outbound, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment;
  • High strength, long service life, with to the standard maintenance, service life up to 30-50 years.


As a high-load thin-walled structure building, the safety of the steel silo has a high priority. SRON engineers fully consider various factors, like dead loads, dynamic loads, grain loads, earthquakes, wind loads, snow loads, temperature effects, etc. in the early design stage of the silo system.

For overseas projects, we fully consider the differences of national standards, use international standards and professional industry software such as STAD PRO and SAAP2000 and use finite element analysis to produce effective structural calculations.

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