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Grid structure is a spatial structure which is composed of several members connected by nodes according to a certain grid form. The common shapes of space truss are triangular cone, triangular body, cube, truncated pyramid and so on. Generally, there are bolt ball joints, welded ball joints and etc.

Large span space grid structure is often used in the roof of bulk yard. Space grid structure has the advantages of reasonable load stress, light self-weight and low cost. It can make full use of the characteristics of different materials and adapt to the stress requirements under various working conditions.


  1. The mutual support between the members gives a large rigidity and good overall performance and strong seismic resistant ability, and it can bear the adverse effects caused by the uneven settlement of the foundation; even in the case of individual members damaged, it can also automatically adjust the internal force of the members to maintain the safety of the structure.
  2. The grid structure is made of Q235 steel or Q355 steel, and the pipe shape section of the steel material is used in the form of member, and the large-span building can be built with small member section.
  3. The grid structure is suitable for factory production because of its uniform bar specifications, which provides favorable conditions and guarantee for accelerating the progress of the project.

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