Nhà máy kỹ thuật số

We have industry-leading experience in automatic control system design. Advanced automatic control scheme design can realize the monitoring and control of equipment status. Reasonable sensor configuration can realize the dynamic and static data management in the process of material storage and transportation. The specific scheme can be designed according to the different needs of customers.


  1. High performance and long life DCS: super high speed, basic instruction 0.08 μ s, average trouble-free continuous operation 300000 hours, reliable performance;
  2. Human-machine interface: wide viewing angle, high-speed response, reliable performance;
  3. Module: 500μs high speed conversion, 1 / 20,000 resolution.


  1. Automatic, semi-automatic, manual three work models. One key to set production experience parameters, convenient and fast;
  2. The settings for the production process, discharge sequence, etc. can be customized according to production needs and operation habits;
  3. Comprehensive online real-time detection on equipment production status, and safety chain control. In case of abnormal working conditions, can accurately show the equipment fault point, remind the operator to check and repair the failure point, and realize the failure’s locating and elimination;
  4. Adopt Internet of things and cloud technology, and intelligent connection with remote industrial control computer and the mobile terminal, to realize convenient remote debugging, monitoring, upgrading, and remote operation and maintenance.



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