Nhà máy kỹ thuật số

The collection and monitoring of big data can realize the visual management of the whole storage and transportation project. The intelligent management which based on the analysis of big data is including 11 modules such as material management, energy management, and equipment management. Adopt Internet of things, cloud technology, and intelligent connection with remote industrial control computer and mobile terminal, to achieve convenient remote monitoring and remote management. Using big data technology, data learning and processing system to make production management more intelligent and efficient.


  1. Realize the transparency of production management and improve the accuracy of data;
  2. Provide decision-making basis through big data analysis combined with factory business;
  3. Reduce manpower, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

General management process

  1. Plan Management
  2. Operation Management
  3. Quality Management
  4. Measurement Management
  5. Statistical Management
  6. Vehicle Management
  7. Device Management
  8. Material Management
  9. Information Management
  10. Personnel Management
  11. System Management

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