Silo System

Silo System

Silo Types

Discharging System

Steel structure

Environmental Protection System

In order to ensure smooth discharging and material homogenization, a gasification device is arranged at the bottom of the steel silo.

The steel silo adopts a roots blower for air supply. The inside bottom of the silo is conical and inclined to the central chamber.

The bottom of the silo is divided into 6 ~ 14 aeration areas, which are covered with aeration boxes.

During discharging, the aeration boxes are opened symmetrically in turn to make the materials fluidized and flow to the discharging cone.

Then the material in the cone is aerated and stirred to become active, which has good fluidity and can be smoothly transported into the distributing box of the unloading device.


  • Small gas consumption: adopting the integration design of gas fluidization, gas homogenization and gas delivery, which can make full use of the air and reduce air consumption.
  • Stable operation: the unloading is uniform and stable, avoiding the phenomenon of partial material unloading, imbalance unloading and material collapse.
  • Automation: using automatic control, with manual/ automatic control functions, can be connected to the DCS control system, easy to achieve automation.

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