Engineering Service

The quality department strictly controls the rate of product defects in all production processes in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system standard. At the same time, we constantly update advanced equipment production lines to improve product quality and performance.


Raw materials shall pass strict testing and composition analysis in the laboratory, improve the quality of incoming materials, optimize procurement costs, and reduce production risk.


Timely grasp the panorama of product production process quality, realize preventive maintenance through the change of quality trend, and reduce bad products. Adopt sampling survey and random inspection to ensure product performance.


100% test of products before packaging, ensure the quality of products to be delivered without failure, fully demonstrate the quality management level of the enterprise, and enhance the customer's confidence in product quality.


Measuring instrument management is a set of operational processes that control all measuring processes, timely calibration, unified management, and ensuring that measuring instruments meet specified requirements.


Conduct product quality audit regularly, analyze product performance report in time and take measures to improve product performance to ensure product safety and quality.


Effectively monitor the inspection plan and progress, improve the work efficiency of employees, and provide strong support for the improvement of the company's quality management system.


Real-time view inventory, incoming and outgoing records details, trace production history and material batch, lock the source of problems, improve the manufacturing process.


Record and track the progress of corrective and preventive measures, improve the ability of continuous improvement, and ensure the continuous improvement of quality management system.


Deal with and follow up customer complaints timely, master customer concerns, improve management and products, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

In the project construction site, we strictly follow the PDCA cycle system of quality management to achieve "four complete" to guarantee the construction quality, meet the design requirements and meet the needs of customers.

Complete pre-construction planning system

The construction quality goal is clear, the quality organization system is complete. Develop quality control plans according to the project design requirements and construction site clear quality management objectives, from aspects of construction personnel, installation materials, machinery, construction process and technology and other aspects to establish a complete quality management organization system.

Complete responsibility check during execution

Strictly implement the quality control of each individual construction procedure and the shared construction procedure, strictly review the construction drawings, construction technology methods, quality levels of important working procedure nodes (such as welding, key dimensions, etc.), clarify the responsibilities of the implementation personnel, and implement the actual actions of quality inspection.

Complete target assessment and verification

Timely assessment of construction process, scientifical verification of inspection results, evaluation of target quality conclusions, and constantly update the construction quality control plan; To deal with and solve the problem seriously, and introduce relevant incentive mechanism, improve the quality management and control responsibility consciousness.

Complete result for correction

Construction problems shall be resolved in time, construction measures are continuously optimized and improved to standardize all aspects of quality control, these modifications are to be promoted to upgrade whole quality cycle.


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