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The airbox pulse bag dust collector consists of a shell, an ash hopper,an ash discharging device,a support and a filter bag purging system. It is characterized by the use of compartments for dust cleaning in turn. When a certain chamber is used for dust cleaning---purging, the filtered air is cut off----the airflow will be cut-off. to avoid the dust secondary ash laying. Therefore, the dust collector can capture the gas with dust concentration up to 1000g / m3 (standard).

This series of dust collectors are outdoor-style and consist of different numbers of rooms and different bags in each room, which are composed of many different specifications. The normal quantity of bags in each compartment a're 32, 64, 96, or 128 pieces. The whole series has 33 specifications, the diameter of the filter bag is Φ133mm, and the length of the filter bag is 2450mm and 3060mm. This series of dust collectors can be operated under negative pressure or positive pressure without any change in the body structure. Its dust collection efficiency can reach more than 99.9%, and the water content and dust concentration of the purified gas is less than 30mg/m3 (standard). The heating device is necessary if the dust collectors are used where the outdoor calculated temperature is ≤0℃ in cold areas, and the housing of the dust collector should also be equipped with an insulation layer.


The airbox dust collector integrates the advantages of various bag dust collectors, such as chamber back blowing and pulse filter bag purging, and overcomes insufficient back-blowing, solves simultaneous problems between pulse cleaning and filtration, thus expanding the application of the dust collector. This kind of dust collector structure improves dust collection efficiency and prolongs the service life of the filter bag. At the same time, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, good dust removal effect, and low operating cost.



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