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TGD type belt bucket elevator is a new generation advanced elevator globally.

TGD elevator especially suits for vertical lifting of dry powder material or small granular materials, etc. in industries of building materials, metallurgy, chemical, food, electricity industry and others.

It’s an ideal lifting product for the raw material of the NSP cement plant, raw material homogenization silo, cement storage silo.

The performance and characteristics of TDG series chain elevator:

  • High lifting height: highest height of a single machine can up to 100 m.
  • Big capacity: the biggest capacity can up to 950 m3 / H.
  • Materials temperature requirement: up to 120°.
  • The bucket allocation is intensive, continuous materials receipt and continuous materials discharge.
  • Long service life: good reliability, trouble-free time is more than 60,000 hours.
  • low power consumption: save energy consumption by more than 30% compared with chain elevator for its low machine weight.
  • Low maintenance cost: with convenient operating and maintenance and fewer wearing parts, the maintenance cost is reduced by around 80% compared with a normal elevator.
  • With high accuracy design, high strength structure and beautiful appearance



Models SpecificationsTGD 315PTGD 315TGD 400TGD 500TGD 630TGD 800TGD 1000TGD 800TGD 1000TGD 1250TGD 1400TGD 1600
Bucket SpecificationsBucket Width(mm)31540040050063080010008001000125014001600
Bucket Volume(dm3)6.61014.51829.337.346.6465872.799114
Bucket Speed(m/s)1.311.51.61.98
Diameter of Cylinder(mm)63080010001250
Theoretical Capacity (m3/h)Space Between Buckets(mm)280111168

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