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The tube belt conveyor is a special type of belt conveyor developed on the basis of the grooved belt conveyor. It uses several (usually six) rollers to force the conveyor belt to form a tubular and convey various loose materials such as powder, granule or block.

The tubular belt conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk materials with a density of less than 2500kg/m3. The applicable working environment temperature is -25~40 ℃; It can meet the requirements of heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-explosion, flame retardant and other conditions.


  • Sealed conveying of materials can reduce environmental pollution;
  • It can realize turning operation with small curvature radius;
  • The reciprocating operation of the belt can be used to realize two-way conveying;
  • If the tubular belt conveyor is selected, the trestle is not necessary, which saves the trestle cost;
  • Save space, save civil engineering and equipment investment, reduce the fault point and cost of equipment maintenance and operation.

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