Material Handling System

Elevate To Silo System

Pneumatic Conveying System

Long-distance Conveying System

Rapid Quantitative Loading System

Bulk Handling System

Packinig System

Fly Ash Grading System

Strip Storage Yard

Stacking robots are the product of the organic combination of machinery and computer programs.

The stacking robot can put the package (such as: carton, woven bag, kraft paper bag, etc.) or the packaged and unpackaged regular-shaped items on the pallet according to a certain arrangement for automatic stacking.

They can be stacked in multiple layers and then pushed out for packaging or forklift transportation to the warehouse.

Palletizing robots can be integrated into any production line to realize intelligence, robotization and networking.


  • Fast and efficient, high stability, reduce labor costs, greatly improve productivity;
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost;
  • The stacking robot can be set in a narrow space, convenient and flexible;
  • Intelligent control, easy to operate.


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