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Mobile bagged cement truck loader is the key equipment used in the bagged cement loading in cement production enterprises.

The automatic program of the equipment is high, and the whole loading process of unloading bags from the upper part of the vehicle can be completed by one person.

As long as the road is smooth, it is very convenient for the whole machine to move and operate in any situation, especially in an environment without a loading and unloading platforms.

The height of the slope section can be adjusted automatically, and the length of the front telescopic roller table can be adjusted freely in the state of horizontal, which makes the conveying operation more flexible.

Technical Highlights

  • Loading goods: bagged or boxed goods, various molding material
  • Main functions: one operator can control the discharging height of the belt conveyor and the longitudinal position of the whole machine to complete the whole loading process of a truck
  • Applicable to trucks: open trucks of various specifications
  • Truck positioning: automatic detection of car position by laser ranging
  • Loading stack shape: input vehicle parameters loading weight manually, then the layers and stacks will be automatically calculated
  • Loading capacity: 2,000~3,000 pieces/hour


It can save the labor force of loading, improve the loading efficiency, and reduce the bag breaking phenomenon in the process of handling and loading.


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