Nhà máy kỹ thuật số

In bar yard, materials are unloaded to the stacker by belt conveyor, and then piled into a bar type with a semicircular cross section through the moving device of stacker.

The equipment in bar yard mainly includes stacker and reclaimer. With the improving national environmental protection requirements, the requirements for dust control during the stacking and reclaiming operations in bulk materials storage yard are becoming more and more stringent.

For bar yard, usually a steel structure grid will be added above the yard to enclose coal piles and stacker-reclaimer to prevent dust from overflowing the yard.


  1. Simple construction, easy installation, low project investment;
  2. Optimization and upgrading of mechanical design, adopting energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption;
  3. Using PLC technology to control with perfect effect and high equipment detection and control accuracy;
  4. Wireless and intelligent system control, improving efficiency and reducing costs;
  5. Equipped with net shells, rubber dust curtains and other equipment, the effect of dust prevention and environmental protection is good.